Our Mission

Wo want to spread Love.Peace & Cofffee. We bring People together and create a save Room for EVERYONE. Get inspired to follow your heart. 

Our Passion

We love to travel and to meet People. Even more wonderful is it, to bring People from all over the World together and serve them with inspiration, love and coffee

Our Plan

The Route is the goal. You will find us somewhere on the road. Mostly on the Camino towards Santiago de Compostela.

Roadtrip to happiness

This old Bus was build in 1959 to move people in Berlin from A to B. It was not possible to go for long distance, because of the Wall. Now, 60 Years later - this Bus is still moving. But now, we move People to dream big. We invite our Guests to a greater journey without Walls and Borders.

Join us and be a Part of this great Journey. The Destination is not just a Place somewhere. We want to give you a unforgettable ride to happiness and freedom. 

Step in and get inspired. You can visit us, follow us and support us with your donation.

We are also open for new Ideas or joint ventures. Everything is possible!

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Documentary on TV

A German Brodcaststation is producing a Film about the Trip. More Infos about will come soon.  

The End of the Tour ...

We plan to be in Santiago de Compostela in the End of October. But we will continue our Mission and Trip on the Camino. We will tell you more about soon. 


Would you like a special Christmas experience? We transform our "Doppellecker" into a Christmas-Miracle-Bus. Invite us and become part of this special journey.

our way to

Santiago de Compostela

Here you will find all our Stations along the Way. 
More is to come.

Dortmund, Germany
Cologne, Germany
Bonn, Germany
Koblenz, Germany
St. Goar, Germany
Mainz, Germany
Worms, Germany
Speyer, Germany
Saarbrücken, Grmany
Metz, France
Paris, France
Pantairs, France
Angouleme, France
Bordeaux, France
Medoc, France
Irun, Spain
San Sebastian
Alto del Pardon
Santo Domingo
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learn more about ...
the Bus
... the Bus
Build 1960

This Old Bus was build in 1959. In 2018 startet the transformation to this mobile Cafe-Bus. 

the Driver
... the Driver
Born 1979

ExPastor, Father and Dreamer. Michel is the founder of the Doppellecker. He is not just moving the Bus to the end of the World, he is also moving the hearts of People to dream big.

... the Goal
Begun 2023

On the Map, will be our Goal for 2023 Santiago de Compostela. But this is just a Place. Learn more about our deeper Goal. 


D2U Büssing - est. 1959

All Facts about it.

Frequently asked questions about the Bus

  • Who made the Bus?
    This Bus is from Büssing (a German bus and truck manufacturer, established in 1903). It quickly evolved to one of the largest European producers, whose utility vehicles with the Brunswick Lion emblem were widely distributed, especially from the 1930s onwards. The company was taken over by MAN AG in 1971.
  • What is the maximum Speed of the Bus?
    It depends on whether it’s uphill or downhill. But the maximum Sped is about 85km/h
  • Where did you found the Bus?
    I was looking on several internet sites (ebay, etc.) for an used old Doubledeckerbus. Finlay i found this one in Berlin. 
  • How long did the renovation take?
    About 9 month in Fulltime and the help of my Dad and some friends. 


hight (mm)


width (mm)


length (mm)







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Michel Malcin
Founder, Driver and Dreamer 

I was Born in 1979 in the eastern Part of Germany. After school have i worked in a Kindergarten before i moved for one Year to the USA. There i did my first Roadtrip from NewYorkCity to Chicago, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New Orleans, Texas and back to NewYork.
Following my time in the United States, I started to study theology. This led me to a fulfilling career as a pastor, spanning more than 16 years. However, I encountered a burnout that compelled me to make a significant life change. In response, I made the decision to leave my pastoral role and invested in an old bus, which I meticulously converted into a mobile café.
After the pandemic and a divorce, I moved into my bus and have been traveling the world with it since 2023.
My true calling revolves around igniting inspiration within others, urging them to chase their aspirations. I find immense joy in playing the role of a host, relishing the opportunity to unite people and create meaningful connections.

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